2013 Update

Ahoy again Pirates players,

Since the beginning of the new year, the team at Revive POTCO has made  a number of changes to the site, and progress with the petition movement.

In December, we published a press release detailing what we are as a movement, as well as what we intend to do, and why the movement began.

We then used this press release to gather support from various gaming news sites including mmorpg.org, mmofallout.com, browsergamez.com, gameskinny.com, and others.

We were additionally mentioned in articles on sites such as the LA Times and Bloomberg.

You can view the press release by clicking here.

To commemorate the Revive POTCO movement, there was a ship blockade event hosted in-game on New Year’s Day. The event had such a huge turnout that the Antik server reached full status! Many thanks to all the dedicated pirates that attended.


The petition section of the site has also been updated. The signature list was updated to include all of our new signatures, which has put us over 2,000 signatures! Also, there is a new feature that allows supporters of the petition who do not play the game to sign! Click here to use that feature if you are of this demographic.

Thank you for your continued unwavering support, and we hope to make much more progress in the coming months!
Stay tuned!

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26 comments on “2013 Update
  1. Kelly O'kidd, GM of Rogue Firewalkers says:

    That’s great news! Thanks for the update. I have hope that this process is working :) .

  2. Salt Life (Brandon) says:

    Just saw this link on the POTCO forums. Ive played this game on and off for years and never really been involved with the community. Nothing has changed since I’ve started playing. This is a much needed step. If you guys need anything let me know.

  3. Many of you might not know this, but on February 1st POTCO posted the first release notes since July. This is progress!

    Release Notes – February 1, 2013
    General maintenance update, including various game and stability enhancements.

  4. Boots says:

    Since Feb 1st 2013 because of updates I can’t play the game. It has caused me severe lag and freezing from the moment I log in. I have undated graphics driver, tried open gl, directx8 and 9. Had pc cleaned up, had Microsoft do remote check. My computer is working fine. I don’t see this as progress. I have sent endless bug reports to disney all they did was send me link to update driver. I can’t reach them by phone or online chat anymore. Only emails, Disney seems to be crawling under the rug and hiding these days.

    • C says:

      You may contact Disney Pirates Of The Caribbean Online Customer Support phone number, which is 888-507-9507. Business hours are Monday thru Friday, 8:30 am to 12:30 pm Pacific Standard Time.

  5. JaxSax1 says:

    I have been playing the game for about 3 years using the monthly game cards purchased at CVS here in Fla. Recently the cards have become unavailable. It seems as though Disney has stopped the use of the game cards. I am sorely dissappointed as I now log in as a basic member and receive no points for anything and cannot rise through the levels. Quite sad.

  6. Robert Blastgull says:

    Finally…Progress and an update… Thanks revivepotco.org

  7. Robert Blastgull says:

    How about another blockade this weekend? I couldn’t join the first, but I would love to join another!

    • Admin says:

      A lot of planning has to be done for an event of that scale to happen, Robert. It would take more than just two days. Plus we would need an additional week to promote it around the community.

      Also, we may not need to do another blockade. More details soon. :)

    • Robert Blastgull says:

      Aww…. I can help get word out. Actually, word is out for me. Everyone I know is on standby.

  8. Johnredbones says:

    Although I no longer play POTCO I signed this petition sometime last year, I hope they take action and revive the first mmo that allowed me to play on the weekends with my father who was always out of town for work. In all I hope all goes well with the movement and that the game itself can continue to bring forth great memories to those who play and enjoy it despite the fact that my friends and I have moved from the game and our guild disbanded it was still such an amazing experience to explore the open sea and the islands for the first time. Steering the new ships with upgrades while fighting bounty hunters and traveling to an uncharted island full of ghost and the undead brought forth a set of memories for me too hold onto. In all this mess that is a comment I suppos what I’ve been trying to say was that truly hope that they do revive the game so that players both old and new can also have fun and make great memories.

  9. Syed Ali says:

    I very much miss this game and have been playing it ever since the ad for it on tv I signed this hoping that I can resume playing one of my favorite MMOs

  10. Christopher Vurno says:

    I think this is the best mmo rpg made this is a thousand time better than WoW I played this sense I was a little kid sure I got lost but it was still fun

    • Brinaq says:

      I agree with you this is by far the best MMO I have ever played. It is unique and amazing and I agree to know this as my standard MMO and was somewhat shocked to see that there was not another MMO that came near this ones greatness.
      I really think that Disney could make money out of this game if they brought some more of their attention marketing and updating and working on the game overall.
      Don’t abandon POTCO Disney!

  11. John says:

    John lvl50.
    I’ve been playing on and off for a few years now, and ive seen a few updates (even though i think everyone here can agree that we could use more) and a little progress. i think that as you lvl up, the weapons you receive from loot should be higher class. for basic access they need to have slightly stronger crude weapons available when you reach basic max. even a quest or an event for the basic access. for an example, i reached max lvl on all my weapons and notoriety, and done all the quests. i stopped buying unltd. access because there were no new updates out. it would be nice to see some higher class weapons and easier findings of legendary weapons for max lvl players. just an idea out of the sky here, but i thought since they have swords that can set npc (non-player controlled) characters on fire, why cant they make a musket that has an unbelievably long range and high damage for steel shot, that freezes them. (gives a new meaning to cold steel) it could be an event, code, or quest musket.
    or a blunderbuss that has a hot shot to burn enemies. and just to throw this out there, they could make a harpoon gun… shoot the enemy and reel them right to you. please leave any weapon comments in your reply thankyou. ps. it wouldnt hurt to have a snowy island since we already have a volcano.

    • Kelly O'kidd, GM of Rogue Firewalkers says:

      lol, I love the harpoon gun idea John, well done!!!

  12. Daniel says:

    I cant even get to the POTCO page to download it to play?

  13. Z4RQUON says:

    I have played on an off for years, as well. My main beef is that there is no real motivation to level up. The PVP us so underdeveloped… I always thought they should have had a faction system.

  14. habiil ali says:

    You know i have had enough with Disney I love Potco and Potc but all the servers are empty but abassa I think this can change without membership and more updates more people play Pirates of the burning Sea because its FREE and they have no lag this must change!!!

  15. Zack says:

    This should be done for Toontown Online as well because not only does Toontown struggle with the same exact thing, it also has worse hacking problems. See for yourself right now.

    • Admin says:

      As a former avid Toontown player, I do understand both games are in the same boat. They were managed largely by the same team so it is my hope that if POTCO receives more attention, TT will as well.

  16. Admin i Do i totally agree with that statement! I feel as if the security protocols should be upgrade to stop Cheaters and boosters.

  17. Marge says:

    I would like to play again because my mum played from the start and showed me the game but I can’t get back into pirates anymore. It keeps telling me i need to update media player or flash and I can’t get it up to par. I wish it was on the browser again. my mum is in hospital I want to say hi to her friends for her

  18. Luke says:

    I Have Played POTCO Since 2011 And have loved the experience since I started. A Humorous,Safe,Fun Game. Now…Well?…What I Think About It Now Is That its losing it.When I Mean It, I Mean Everything! The Discontinuing Of Things Is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!! Codes,Clothes,Enemies! Its A Great Game And Not Only Is It Sad To Watch It Die Is I Wish That There Were More Players. I Wish That Disney Channel Would Play Commercials And Make More! On The Other Hand I Have Some Good Ideas In My Opinion. I Have Played World Of Warcraft For A While And Have Noticed Something. Character Customization Is Weak In POTCO. Why Not Add Spells Or Curses That Will Make You Look Like A Zombie Or A Skeleton. In W.O.W , There Is A Player Class That Allows You To Shapeshift Into Different Animals! Why Can’t You Have Signature Items Like The Bandanna On Jacks Head? I Wish That They Would Add Stuff Like That. Like The Sword Of Triton (I Know That They Added it but then it was discontinued) And Why Can’t they add a peg leg or a hook for a hand!? I Had The Idea Of Adding Followers To The Game! (NOT JUST FOR MEMBERS) Parrots,Rats,Bugs,Raccoons,Monkeys (That Would Be Amazing!) Bats,Lizards,Frogs Well You Kind Of Get The Idea Now (Hopefully) ( For The Animals :3) If Disney Gets The Petition And Makes AT LEAST A Graphics Change I Hope They Would Do More To The Sky, Add Weather, And Since This Is Around The 1700s 1800s There Wasn’t As Much Light In The World As There Is Now! Without The Less Light We Can See More Up There Yeah You Look Up What’s That Your Looking Into Right Now SPACE What’s In Space? Stars, Planets ,Shooting Stars! I Wish That It Would Randomly Snow,Rain,Thunder Storm! NPCs (Non Playable Characters) Would Be Better And Less Well, Ugly, Derpy And Stupid! In The Jungles They Should Add Monkeys And Frogs Climbing Around And Stuff! I Love This Game And Would Do Anything And A lot To See It Recover And Revive.

    Christopher Goldspark
    Level 12

    P.S. I Hoped You Like My Ideas! And Will Love To Be Friend To Newcomers And Experts! I Will Update Later IF I Have Any New Ideas Thank You For Reading And Please Sign The Petition
    Thank Ye And
    Remember Fellow


  19. Wilford Brimley says:


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